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The Luxury Rajasthan Trains Tour package gives the idea for the people to explore the real beauty of Rajasthan in the best luxury travel journey. The Rajasthan culture at its best can be witnessed during this travel. Rajasthan is the place with great cultural display and visitors coming first time to India keep this place on their travel list. With gorgeous forts, delicious cuisines, bright and beautiful clothes, folk traditions and festive celebrations on large scale, Rajasthan has it all. If you are planning one of your recent trips to this vibrant city, this article gives you an overall guide to travel in this city. Every information related to places, festivals, traveling and much more has been added for making the trip easier. Travelling to Rajasthan will be an unforgettable experience when you know what places to visit, perfect time to visit the places and the famous fairs and festivals.

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Pushkar is little, beautiful and serene; a charming break from the rushing about of other Indian urban communities. Peruse the enchanting, road side shops and stroll up to the ridge Savitri sanctuary for perspectives of the town and encompassing farmland, before getting a charge out of a banana lassie in one of the numerous natural bistros.
The town was worked adjacent to the sparkling Pushkar Lake, now edged by conventional Indian-style pastel shaded structures. As indicated by Hindu religion, the lake is a blessed lake made by the tears of Shiva — accepted to have been shed after the demise of his significant other, Shati. In this way, travelers run to its edges during the time to bathe in its consecrated waters.

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Udaipur, as Pushkar, is likewise worked next to a lake yet is an alternate town totally. Though Pushkar is a goal for travelers, Udaipur, with its luxurious castles, is the occasion goal of the rich. At the focal point of the city's Lake Pichola is the Taj Lake Palace, which appears to mysteriously coast over the water; it is an unrestrained inn with a sticker price to coordinate. For a somewhat more open royal residence encounter, go to the Udaipur City Palace on the edge of the lake for a decently estimated evening tea, finish with genuine scones, stick and thickened cream, set in the castle's wonderful lunch nooks.

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On the off chance that you've at any point wished you could live like Aladdin in a sandy betray fortress, at that point what preferred place to visit over Jaisalmer, set in the core of the Thar Desert toward the western ranges of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer, such as something from a fable to guests from far off, is an inconceivable brilliant town that appears to become out of the leave sand — henceforth its epithet of 'The Golden City.'
Finish with a camel ride and an overnight remain in the stunning calm of the Thar Desert, a visit to Jaisalmer is genuinely mysterious.

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Jodhpur is Rajasthan's blue city. Furthermore, no, that doesn't mean everyone is continually feeling somewhat down; it truly implies that the city is painted a brilliant blue. What's more, approaching over the blue is the amazing Mehrangarh Fort, which sits 120 meters over the city in a generally level extend of betray, and is one of the biggest fortresses in India.

Jodhpur is a casual, fascinating town, and strolling the lanes is in itself a delight. It is another of Rajasthan's urban areas that feels to some degree like it was removed from a storybook.

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